Old Hollywood REALNESS is a podcast dedicated to celebrating all the glitz and glamour of the silver screen. Join Kathleen Noll and Philip Estrada as they gab, gush and recap all the classics. A time traveling journey from the mad cap black & white flicks to the technicolor dreams Hollywood produced in the heydays of studio system.

A Little Bit About us:

Philip Estrada- 
A life long dreamer and watcher of old movies. Philip spent his childhood watching musicals and classic cinema when cartoons weren't available. Transfixed by the glittery costumes of bygone eras, his fate was sealed. By day he is a designer in the contemporary fashion industry, by night he produces over the top Costume Confections. No sequin too large, no rhinestone too small. He is by no means a formal expert on Hollywood history, more of a self proclaimed P.H.D. in the field of Glamor. 

Kathleen Noll- 
Has an endless love for All Things Old Hollywood thanks to her family's obsession with great films and documentaries.  As a child, Kathleen was able to channel her boundless high energy into sewing and making costumes. Transforming from high school theater nerd to even more nerdy Technical Designer/Fit Specialist. She too, works in the mass market fashion industry.  When she is not toiling away for the 'Fashion Man,' Kathleen is making whatever she wants for friends, clients, and herself. Follow the trail of dirty glitter and broken sequins to her next costuming adventure.

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